Music discovery

How do you find new music?

I love listening to music from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, there are just so many classic from these years with many fantastic stories behind the artists and bands.

However in more recent years it seems harder and harder to find good, or new and interesting music. Like many things in our digital lives, we are pushed by big budget advertising towards the latest artist with a one hit wonder.

So how do you discover and be exposed to different music styles or artists?

Often I let myself get taken down the YouTube recommendation path from a known artist or song, however the quantity and relevance of adverts on YouTube is just terrible these days and a big turn off from this approach.

I recently stumbled (up)on Audile which is a music discovery engine for Deezer.


From the site description...

...you will listen to music unlike anything you have heard before.

I've been using Audile for a few months and have found some lovely and varied music, as well as some completely terrible music.

I'm not a paying Deezer subscriber and I'm just using the site in conjunction with a free Deezer account and it's worked perfectly well. I'm thankful for whoever coded the site up and hope it stays live for some time to come!

Just don't try search for the app name, every search engine will autocorrect to the book seller :-)

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